Sunday, 29 April 2012


i am breathless.
i keep thinking if
i can stop thinking
but like an echo
it keeps getting louder

his small and precious
signs of laughter, hurt
anger, love, sadness
crystal visible virtual memory
is the only surviving reality now

i don't wish to let it go
and i never wish to forget
the reality and memories
are one now, lost and deranged
in it's union
he will stay till eternity
and me, breathless forever.

Friday, 27 April 2012


i am drowning in all
the love you won't
accept from me anymore.

Friday, 20 April 2012


what are new dreams?
are they really dreams if it means letting go of
your older ones?
why can't a new dream be an extension of
old one?
or why does one has to run away from old dreams
in exchange of new ones?
when the new ones are nothing but an alien to you,
and appears to be meaningless. almost.
can the new dreams really be called as dreams?
like in a beautiful way?
or is it just an assumed alibi for
making the older ones redundant that
made you unhappy once?

is emotional recession really
great for investing hopes and buying new dreams?
is it fair to dream those dreams and continue to hope...
or must we just stick to our reality
where the past dreams are mostly ridiculed
and present ones merely an alibi?

now when the time stands still,
is new all new?
are the past dreams just done with its due
or are they really broken too?