Saturday, 27 November 2010

may be

i love you little less now; kind of
atleast thats what i think
ironically it is impossibly to hate you
no matter what you are doing to me
but i will never forget you
not because of what you were to me
but for what i was to you.

like an immovable memory
a memorabilia of craziness
rusted with crazy emptiness

Thursday, 25 November 2010


last night the moon was at it's fullest, and so was she
yesterday is just synonym to 'remains'
and what remains today are
mere shadows
the secretly hidden moon
behind the rainy clouds

the fallen glasses, ones raised high in toast,
the stubbed joints, the vanishing red bohemia,
sound of those bangles, the smudged kohl,
like the laughter smudged with sadness,
wherever it touched anything, it wept in silence
this unrequited wait
the untouched warmth
this shivering hope in cold autumns,
such an eclipse of love

as if the full moon itself is
nothing but a shadow
that walks with you while hiding behind your back
to eternity
every moment is an illusion
each reality unforgivable