Saturday, 27 November 2010

may be

i love you little less now; kind of
atleast thats what i think
ironically it is impossibly to hate you
no matter what you are doing to me
but i will never forget you
not because of what you were to me
but for what i was to you.

like an immovable memory
a memorabilia of craziness
rusted with crazy emptiness

Thursday, 25 November 2010


last night the moon was at it's fullest, and so was she
yesterday is just synonym to 'remains'
and what remains today are
mere shadows
the secretly hidden moon
behind the rainy clouds

the fallen glasses, ones raised high in toast,
the stubbed joints, the vanishing red bohemia,
sound of those bangles, the smudged kohl,
like the laughter smudged with sadness,
wherever it touched anything, it wept in silence
this unrequited wait
the untouched warmth
this shivering hope in cold autumns,
such an eclipse of love

as if the full moon itself is
nothing but a shadow
that walks with you while hiding behind your back
to eternity
every moment is an illusion
each reality unforgivable

Sunday, 24 October 2010

4:30 am

she says
"only if the love was so conditional, i would have given up on it long time back!"

Thursday, 22 July 2010


this is what you end up doing, if you are a solo traveller :) i clicked this pic on my 1st day in istanbul roaming around in galatasaray- which is on european side, finding my way to the photo exhibition, organised by greenpeace.

my favourite place in turkiye so far, cappadocia. beautiful, mesmerising, +2500 people in the village of goreme where i stayed. this was on my last day in cappadocia while en route on a bike trail in the village called urugup. it was cloudy, rainy, cold and mystic.

this is one of my sweet memories from fethiye and saklient down south in turkey. gozmele- made of fine flour, with spinach and cheese inside, baked on a pan in olive oil.

amidst the hot water springs, cleopatra's antique pool to dip in this is the city of hierapolis. very different from the limestone pools you pass through to reach here and this takes you to a different exploration level. less than a population of 20,000 people this place has way much more to sink in.

finally i met the godess of medussa at selcuk city :) having an alias of medussa since over a decade now it was indeed a pleasant connection!!

my last day back in istanbul and the last pic. sweet memory. a rainy one.

teşekkür ederim

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

who do you need?

to the four seas and am back,
i started to write and after
contemplating i stopped myself
i realise how it is not only
impossible to write about
my experience in turkey but also
the best of the words may just fall flat
to what it really is
it was all just a dream, just a dream

such a beautiful place and even more
beautiful people

back home and the reality still doesn't hit in
i felt as if i found my connection there
and i am much calmer now, may be because
i left my emotions there
am lost in that world where they call our nation
as hindustan
am almost in desperate need to eat gozmele
but it is not only about these
small little precious things
am craving for a free mind and strength
to free this soul
am under this mystic illusion
where i only witness confusion with the reality
and this universe, which keeps reminding me of its existence
i feel this strong urge to be supreme
at a place where mind and soul meets
where nothing else is meaningful
or relevant and there is no hurt
or a sense of irritation
where i don't demand people
and do away with things
it is pure
it is self
the only, the one

and that power of supreme
is my only need right now


Saturday, 5 June 2010

a minor melody

she felt the urge to write again
its been so long though, she thinks
that she has lost touch
with writing
with word play
with her own thoughts
these daily chores
the work
people around
the changing weathers
everything puts her off easily these days,
just anything
the only place to her rescue
is her own home
not even those friends whom she thought once
would help her escape this pain
realising soon that she had already
filled her bucket of gratitude
for them. in more than just one way
the only sanity that can be granted
now is by being insane
it knows, yet it wanders
it wants to be cold, yet it misses the warmth
it’s a very simple math, but
it’s the paradox of emotions she gets stuck in
there are no greys, no whites either
it's this perpetual state of mind
which makes everything around a mere illusion now
she feels terribly disappointment
with her self

not for anything else, but
for losing touch with herself

Thursday, 6 May 2010

months passed by...

and not an inch of word to this blog?
it has been one helluva ride
for me

and now i am back!
this time,
only colder

Friday, 22 January 2010

the unwanted co-incidence

Phantom legs and Blinking Pigs
Haunting me
My long lost love
and the memories of

These nights are haunting
I don't want to run I don't want to leave
Now that your standing closer
I don't want to Run don't want to leave

Was a distant moan
and a smell of home
Haunting me
from the clouds above
oh the memory of

Thou these nights are haunting me
I don't want to run I don't want to leave
Now that your standing closer
I don't want to run I don't want to leave

- Little Dragon: Blinking Pigs

silent hurt

i must stop smoking j's
they make me miss you more