Saturday, 5 December 2009

until now

i was on the run,
now am on the move
and lemme tell you
the transition
is not an easy one

i guess that also explains
my long absence from here.

its like opening a wine bottle
if you have never used a wine opener before,
there's a high probability that
you would end up breaking the cork inside
what a pity! and what a mood switch!

for some reasons i never liked wearing shoes
i always like slipping my feet into those chappals
and taking them off at my convenience, anywhere
in the auto rickshaws, at work, someone's home
or even while dining, wherever that is
but little did i know that a pair of light & good shoes
can actually do wonders, its magical
once you step into those,
you get stuck to those forever
NO, i still don't wear shoes though!!

the tee that i wore day before had a mix smell of
ralph lauren's romance (my favorite, i can tell you that much)
and naphthalene balls used in the cupboard.
i cleared 'em all today, the naphthalene balls
though it didn't trouble me that much.

i never really missed internet at home
all of last two months
moving to a new place is a pain
but it ends up surprising you in many ways
when you continue to live smoothly
without those zillion things
you were used to before,
only to realise what an unnecessary
importance they had in our lives
and how convenient
still life is, without zillion of 'em!

living independently for over 9 years
and being lucky to get a super flatmate by chance
who turned out to be my soul mate, an amazing
travel mate and an agony aunt too
is the sheer luck that doesn't happen again
sheer luck is one time, so true.

reading one of oscar wilde's witty statements
on never to trust a woman who wears mauve
can only be a precise co-incidence in my life
when i just did buy those mauve heels!

putting the right things in that order,
cooking a meal, cleaning the room
and trying to fix that lamp
with a cigarette in hand
makes you feel completely home,
like i feel today,
after these 2 months

may be the working internet connection
has to do something with it
or may be to be able to write here at peace
while i DO have the internet connection now, has done the charm!

whatever it is, it works.
lets smoke some,
smoke and then roll some!