Wednesday, 21 October 2009


you are sucha temptress!

i know what i have,
and i know what you want
i know what to give, and
i know what not to take too!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

bird's view

couple of visits to this blog, my own
few thoughts; to pen down
many moments; to capture
oodles of conversation; to make
enigmatic progressions; to say and unsay
the number of posts thereafter, zilch!

i’ve been listening to lots of nirvana,
big yellow taxi, the doors and that familiar yellow
with my indulgence in groove armada
watching F#, Asus4, G#m
marveling at those chord diagrams
tablature, riff (s) I even wonder
will I atleast try to play if I cut my slender long nails?

as he explains,
surprisingly goa acted like mahabaleshwar
but we graduated to a Californian experience
genie with a J
purple purple hiding prince of Persia
there was no sun but we had our bit of sunshine
i can tell you that much.

it’s been the month of moving places
we call them ‘home’
it’s been the days of staring at full moon and
the sanity leveling with it's contrary
it’s been the moments of dealing
with an Atom and Item and being an either of two.

it’s the world with
birds of paradise
and the meals I don’t like to miss out on
endless kisses fill me enough to know
how we all are like those fancy empty vases
that always-always look empty and
incomplete without these fresh orange lilies
clubbed with white orchids peeping out.

if you are my centre of attraction,
let it not worry me
if I want to climb a cliff and
scream at those skies with glee
let me be
let's sing even a hymn if I forget the lyrics
of your favorite song
let’s dance with baba-roach
and jive even while listening to blues
if you like being fed,
we must try having five meals a day
let’s run and run away
where the world is as oblivion to us
as we are, to them
let’s dream and dream again
let's play and pay a tribute to marley
And sing, sing that redemption song again.

don’t you know
i am enchanted, smitten
blown, intrigued, vulnerable
and what the fuck, how!

let's order for that
bohemian chenin blanc again.
and say, and say