Wednesday, 24 June 2009


he is at my place tonight.

at peace, finally!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

i miss

your 'cross'
on you,
and you
very very.

Monday, 22 June 2009


krypto, the little devil is much better now. not as ill as when she was 20 days old, size of a mouse staring at my face with her crystal green eyes. we found her next to my office building, sitting on a big white chair that surrounded her like a background color.
it's been 5 days from then and now she hops on the road like a rockstar playing her hide n seek tricks on us. am relieved :)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

saturday special

go, go make out
why make out? why not play pictionary?
make out because that’s what you do when high, especially on a Saturday.
that’s what you think I do just because,perhaps you do.
but why don’t you?
i know better things to do.
ah.better things.

oh you may know not them.
such as?
you’ll meet them soon. Hopefully. One day.
meet whom?
those better things
are you going to make me meet them?
i may. Be nicer to me.
what should do i to you?
it’s a challenge you fight alone.
oho!challenge and all, id rather bite.
that’s tougher
you try, you’ll know
try what?
u must know this.
may be i do.
show me an evidence
u know what you must know and do
u are stuck in middle then
help then
no you earn some and then do some, and have it all.
ah. do you have it all?
thats what you’ll know and get only when you try

so do we have an understanding now?
I expected as much.

Friday, 19 June 2009

i have lost the track of place

look at those tall buildings
in the background

hah hah! we look like tourists!
no i think this looks like
larger than life.

i want a raspberry roll,
i meant a chicken roll from raspberry.

everyone sitting here is lazy
and lying on this floor
those dogs; and you

oh my god!
that guy is playing with his hair
one who is lying in his lap
what? giggles.

i like when there is movement
i like the skies that are still
i meant the breeze
i meant the still skies
they are so calm and soothing

have some mercy on me
get me some food from there

how reluctantly he ate that cheese
when earlier he had jumped at that chicken
yes, the same doggie that ‘’shake hands’’

green t-shirt with greenish background
white with whitish yellow,
the dark shadows on the lit background
i love
the pictures without flash

its 1:10
the last I remember seeing
was 10:30

you all were very kind!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


it's been long since I
wrote last, or wrote anything
it's been a month, almost
you can trust me when I tell you
i wanted and needed to write, and how
but all I had was
unlimited thoughts and
no words attached, with
no explanation surrendered,
i wanted to tell you about the pictionary
and that arachnophobia, I enacted later
i wanted to tell you about the night of jazz
and the monday blues at work
shades of sheridans, a blue margarita
must i tell you i watched 'angels and demons'
and have been dreaming of Florence city since then.
no, not Vatican. Phew! Okay that too.
it is strange how everyone is saying
about those disappeared ounces
and am loving it.
will you mock at me if I tell you
that I still miss the orange tree
and those lazy weekend samosas?
i'll be little hush-hush about
the stories of Belgium and Italy though
and that new candle pack
but I can talk about
the dining places,and the bench here
witness of those endless jabber
with her
i watched ‘once’, again
falling slowly
so much has passed
but the rest still remains still
unwashed, untouched,stirred
like the scattered beads
was; and the is.
did i say too much in
too little?
i told you i needed to write
and how!