Thursday, 21 May 2009

imperfectly perfect

hot feet
cold feet
blown mind
stoned eyes
lazy lunch
quick dessert
unwanted somersault
ignored hammock
set communiqué
slowest cuba
bonafide del mar
drunk fisherman
dozy church songs
touchy toast
purple beads
stalking lightning
imbalanced Neha
hilarious funeral
swaying Tanaya
lost and found Rachel
stony smiled Amanda
glov-ism Jo
thin iced meeting
unsettling warmth
sleepless night
early flight

to everything that's Goa!

Thursday, 7 May 2009


sometimes you don't even care
if you want to see them again
sometimes they surprise you enough
to touch your heart instantly
and sometimes you'd wish only if
you got to say an appropriate goodbye to them, atleast
that sometime was not so good.

Monday, 4 May 2009

the orange tree

the quarter moon,
with the stars, unusually bright
the horizontal lined shadows
made by the couch she sat on
fell on her bare legs
a cigarette in between her fingers
with her right arm resting on it’s edge
she stared at that orange tree
immensely fascinated

she could sit and stare at it
for hours, waiting for him
that clustered shades of orange
made her lively
and somehow
she missed him there
as the time crawled
it was an hour before he
walked in again
and carefully sat at the other
end of the couch
she was still lost in that orange tree
the colors in the dim moonlight
which she could only imagine now
he talked less
and perhaps,
she didn’t care much now
she sat there
for a longer time than her patience
silence combined with the serene
distracted her
right then
he made a move
with his fingers
provoking the art he is best at,
the sound of music
that every touch of his finger
playing with the lower chords,
the strings stretched
graduating to the upper chords
in an unplanned mix
with a smooth surrender
trapped her attention
she was lost in the rhythm,
not in that orange tree anymore
she watched the smallest movement
his fingers made
the links he chained
to the tune of his unique style
the passion with which he
would retry
if it didn’t sound right
followed by the song she
dint know she would
fall in love with
the connection and the bonding
was stronger than she realized
his silhouette with the guitar
a small glass on his left, filled
and untouched till he finished
enticed her more than the starry night
she asked him to lean forward
and kissed him softly

more than the orange tree
under those unusually bright stars
she misses his silhouette
the filled glass on his left
next to her bare legs
and the music he touched
her heart with..