Wednesday, 29 April 2009

napowrimo #4 and the carte blanche is nada..

random thoughts
and observations
fill my head these days

it's exactly 7 subtle
steps of distance
from one gate to another
place where I smoke at work
(i counted thrice to ensure!!)

it surprises me how Vikas,
our pantry caretaker at work
never ever falters the number of
exact coffees he has to brew;
as he must remember them
who prefer
coffee to tea

how lovely the
Michael & candy’s song
by Ben is
how rhythmic
the sound of those waves
in the background are,
flirting with the sea creating
their own masterpiece

how perfect
these colors flirt
with the perspective
of the photographer
and blends to make
these pictures
communicate with you

how someone’s kindness,
lately; effortlessly
touched my heart
and how someone's demeanor
shook me inside out
that I lost my balance
leaving me to strive
and carefully
pick those remains
to move on

how beautifully
“tendacias’’ is woven
and shot, that
it touches your heart
in a childish way,
unveiled by an amused smile

and i wonder,
how the domino impacto
of those ecstatic moments
never really happens
in our lives, even though
we have carte blanche
to mould
the choices chosen,
and the life
we desire to live,
the preciseness of
everything which
we strive and endeavor
to reach perfection,
carte blance at times
is nothing but

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

napowrimo#3 renegade of memories

she remembers those days when
he would not go to work

‘i am lazy’, he would whisper
with his lazy eyes fluttering
and that familiar sheepish half smile
she would give a try and
think of an excuse, to not to go
locked in those moments
would surrender her arms
and the time would stand still;
muttering for few minutes
she would finally hurry up,
‘it’s late again’, and the laughter
between them
with those intermittent kisses
would continue
she would hurriedly ask him
to choose a color
for her to dress in
she would frantically look for it
‘its getting really late now’,
she would mumble again
at last she would give up,
and storm out
storm in, and frantically hunt again
yes! ‘This one’,
she would quickly slip into it
standing there, secretly she would
wish for a compliment
followed by the stares, he would say
‘you look very nice’, she would smile
a sweet surrender of those fragile
and rushed arms
hasty kisses, again
and the twinkling smile
with her hands waving, she would scream
‘I’ll be back soon’

she remembers those days and
moments, and he
the warmth of her, perhaps.

Monday, 27 April 2009

only a person who risks is free

to laugh is to appear the fool,
to weep is to appear sentimental,
to reach out to another is to risk involvement,
to expose feeling is to risk exposing your true self,
to place your ideas, your dreams in front of a crowd is to risk their loss,
to love is to risk not being loved in return,
to live is to risk dying,
to hope is to risk despair,
to try is to risk failure,
but risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
the person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing.
he may avoid suffering and sorrow,
but cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, and live.
chained by his certitudes, he is a slave.
he has forfeited his freedom,
only a person who risks is free.

*thanks Ebikomaru!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

did you hear?

Alice in Chains launching new album after 14 years.

i have stopped enjoying eating samosas,
my favourite though !

and my molar tooth broke!
dr.kamath, i hope i am able to visit you
this week. sigh..

Saturday, 18 April 2009

napowrimo#2 word salad of Mumbai

while the name itself dreaded me years back
i had taken an unsaid understood plunge never to move here.
it was like a smooth surrender courtesy- my apprehensions.
it’s been precisely 14 months since
i call this city my home.
the buzz on carter road is not over rated afterall.
it has its own charm. And so i conclude.
i will always owe this to Thomas (my broker) and Flory (my owner) in many ways besides the obvious.
the water fiasco in this compact house (which I call home now) was far from amusing and I could only end up mumbling to myself –
Welcome to Mumbai!
it reconfirmed my belief on how strong the force of misfortune could be,
there’s always a way out,
you just have to fight and run, run, run against the odds and conquer.
it ain't easy. And once you have overcome it,
its an experience only you could pay a tribute to. Independence touches its vantage point.
many familiar people came, stayed over and left the city;
beaten by the hardships of long travel, expensive food, the quality of life that doesn’t come cheap here.
digital media opened new doors making me realize
there’s much more than the mere beyond.
the people around, the chai schedules at work, colleagues, the creative lingo and earning enough not to save a dime;
then there are alfa romeos and series of bmw that keeps swooshing away
leaving me wondering if ever I’ll be able to afford a chauffer driven Lamborghini on my own in this mumbaia nagariya.
the match box sized house (as one of my dear friend rightly coined it), the stoned nights, and then the futile attempts of trying to do something else ended before it even began.
Yes, street jazz for instance!!
Blue frog to zenzi, poison to china house, and then gokuls to dragonfly.
musicians, entrepreneurs, crazy weird hair dos, over grown next generation, attitude to life, tattoos, joints, hash, honk honk,
oops!O so far churchgate!, black diamond aka jase’s club, CCD and blah blah
while I fell in love with the city instantly (to my surprise),
it has reached a threshold now where it has boiled down to mere monotony of variety.
i have savored what I could.
there’s so much to learn and know and yet
there’s enough I know to survive.
there’s so much of zeal to unlearn and evolve and yet
there are too many multiple optioned doors opened with the choices not so earned.
there’s never any time here and never those people around.
there’s always a distance and everything carries a pricetag, almost.
the city keeps you on toes to the extent that it has become hard for me to recall a good soothing simple life which has become a long forlorn luxury now.
not that am complaining, it’s just stated facts,
one and half side of coin perhaps, indubitable and for no body’s opinion.

It’s time now.
Camera, light, action
And yeah Move!

napowrimo#1 missing something

the broken beads, the denims,
the tees, unwashed still
and the zippo that they used
the chair, a sign of him,
where he always sat

its ironic how
nothing has moved
but for you
she admits, and knows
something is missing

his shoes next to the door
and her soul
she concludes.

random irony

its ironic how chains
of freedom
differs from man to man
it doesnt only hold true
in the variety that amsterdam
offers, so different from
riyadh, its ironic
how the fragmentation
of people on
a single piece of land
widely spreads across the horizon
amalgamation of cultures,
the perspectives, the thoughts
their say and when they do
even the diplomacy
the irony is that its not
only ironic
its sucha pity. disappointing.