Tuesday, 31 March 2009

chaotic silence

nothing else has moved
though all my senses are deranged
everything else is where it always has been
nothing is same no more
i hope to see you soon, again
only if soon wasn't this indefinite
the smell of smoke and you surround me
it isn't only the other side of bed after all
the shoes are missing and the ashtrays
with the stubbed joints in it still
you still got the last tea i made
and the empty tea cups haven't shifted either
nothing else has moved, but for you and me.

Zest Pest

Aln E is a dick
Aln E makes me sick
Aln E is full of ick
Aln E is a prick
Aln E is a ho bag trick

Aln E is a c**t
Aln E is uncouth
Aln E fucks phone booths
Aln E lacks a tooth

Aln E is a bitch
Aln E makes you itch
Aln E is a witch
Aln E should jump in a ditch

Aln E is a fuck
Aln E looks like a duck
Aln E blows and sucks
Aln E is just too yuck

p.s the name of target has been modified to keep his identity sacred.

- By a colleague and my dear friend during one of our client con-call.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

uncluttered clutter

ironed clothes
but the mess to find those
oodles of food
while you've just lost your appetite
this relaxed weekend
yet so deprived of leisure to smoke ''em all
bundles of comfort
amidst the compromise on your space
the hurry to rush home
whilst others made big plans for you
i so love going crazy
when my folks are here!