Wednesday, 24 September 2008

cleaned up mess

e-mall shoot pics, back from
the year 2005
our salsa dance performance video
our pics sent by zook;
these were the memories i stumbled upon
while cleaning my CD rack
i am back again at the same
place; visited often
down the memory lane

the fear of that uncontrollable
nostalgia rush
which brings back everything
that i wanted to leave behind

am i not done
with those times yet?

Thursday, 18 September 2008


it was the prolonged
derangement of senses
intense; very
i get drawn towards
the most thought upon place
frequently visited; familiar
so called the ‘memory lane’
i marveled
at the speed with which
things move on;
beats you all way long, and how
i have a fatal memory of
those dreadful times
hapless and not so emotion-less
i was sinking, i knew
all way long
and i still would sink in
despite the cue
while i sail in
that memory lane
amused at that
incomplete rhythm
the lonesome bond
i feel unpredictably
relieved now

i stare at the sky, many-a-times
i marvel, again
‘this ain’t that bad after all!’
i smile, and i walk on
to this world, to you all
it’s so much better now, this way
it was not a wrong choice then
it isn’t a wrong move still
it will never be the wrong way, again

Monday, 15 September 2008

never mind

so, i was carefully
watching at the shape of those tiles
aah, they are triangular
mix of red and brown, i thought
i was carefully
staring at the lines it made
wondering if anyone ever noticed them before
i hit the tree, and my glasses broke
i picked them, carefully
and continued walking, back home
i was zonked, still;
as i carefully pick these
callous words, trying to
be careful while write this
random shit !

realisation number one,
mumbai club rules suck!
in fact they have none.
ask me for more details,
and i shall fill ya in with all.
realisation number two,
roast of hugh hefner, kicks ass!
watch it.
realisation number three,
manali is smooth.
if you love playing with those
twsited twigs,
you should try painting it
black, this time.
realisation number four,
'it' was on my mind all the time!
but you need not know this.
realisation, with negotiation
zenzi fellas, this time i place ya,
in the 1st category. sigh.

Thursday, 4 September 2008


it's 4am
while we share this last cigarette
of the pack,
for this nite

this woman doesn't let me sleep
but since she cooks for both of us
i can't really complain. can i ?

btw, it was a holiday today
and i worked all day long
after last nite's escapade of
maan gaye mughal-e-azam
and the unsolved mystery
of that nasty text to random people
life is just as random as this post