Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Friday, 15 August 2008


i just got done with my packing,
after those arguments,
ones, not really uncalled for
sent some work related mails
watched mum sleep for a while
still fighting against this feeling
that i'll miss them to eternity
and here i am, sleepless
am gonna miss Mumbai
the people, the work,
my home.
for some reasons, unknown
while i still wonder
walk for? or
walk with?
i will cherish today's conversation
with you.

p.s. Rohit, thanks for the call and your wishes.
Surdy, i mailed ya to let ya know that am off for a holiday.
Rishi, thanks for a quick drop. It was good to see ya.
Arjun, sorry about that call again.
Meghna, thanks for remembering that am gonna be away for a week.
Sonia, it was great to have you home!
Anita, thanks for your sweet wishes.
Jobita, thanks for your contact in SL.
KD, thanks for the info and your contact in SL.
M, yes finally am done with all the chaos, but you must be asleep by now.
Maya Bhai, am gonna miss ya and remember to miss me thrice a week atleast:)
Fattu, dont forget to text me what i told ya. and dont frown.
hephail, have a blast in goa man!
Toi, you said you'd call ?
Alio, i can hear ya one more time, 'am so busy, really'
A, you'll be on my mind, somehow.
Sheen, i'll see ya in Colombo today!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

impulsive thoughts

He says with a sigh..
Your schedule is too bad
Been months since we even spoke
She complains, you have no time
To return that call
He states with a concern
You never answer the calls
How busy have ya been
Trust everything is okay?
The others say
That’s how Mumbai is!
We told you..
new friends huh?
no time for us?
dude wats up with ya man?
And the story goes on!!
‘I know!’
I say each of those times
Sometimes with genuine admittance
Other times with no regret
Most of the times
With disappointment

Really, that’s exactly
How Mumbai is!
That’s really how
My life has become here.

I miss ya guys all
I miss the genuine fun times we spent
I miss how each one of you would call
To know if I was okay?
I miss those plans where I would be dragged in
Unnecessarily, and asked to join in
You all knew, I would love it anyways
And would throw those intended tantrums
I loved the way you all called me
so called a drama queen
And love me for it anyways
I miss those surprise rides
And undeclared visits
The fights that used to end up in
Another emotional drama
Followed by those innumerable hugs!
I miss those hours and days we spent
Over sheesha, on a terrace, on that couch in the hall
On those smoke breaks down the building
On those luncheons and dinners and drinks
Movies and weekend trips,
Laughing off after those joints
Bitching about our work and complaining
Those coffee shops we would spend hours at
Doing zilch, the tradition

What am I doing here really?
I can’t find the connect, the warmth
I can’t find you here!

p.s. rishi, trq, arjun, prav, lisa, krsitina
ronaldo, eihab, bilal, sheen, rohit, papajee,
surdy, alio, bruce,chariot, wns,magda,
high spirits, Hermes, adrash, dimmie, rana,
tumbu, janish, raman, ammar,rémi, db,
alok, fp, odyssey,shruti, rabeeca, shaila,
luke, hugo, club 8, touch,sheesha..

Amidst everything and all
I miss ya guys the most!