Wednesday, 30 July 2008

you & me

i decided
not to wait for you

i tried
i failed

there are no questions left

Monday, 28 July 2008


'Avatar' & ' Twilight zone'
was amazing
Taken, Nim's island
Film noir

'Fate'- intriguing
frowning bit- gimme a break!
pokerroom- hmm
wHasHed out- super
One of those 'Seven' - a sin
maggie & schezwan- Total truce!

the laughter. the visits.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

random pre-fix-es

why do people have so many reservations?
about everything? Even about themselves?
how would they prefer to present themselves
what need they speak
what group-ism order must they keep
how need they behave
follow a certain pattern..
pre-defined notions
pre-fixed criterion
pre-judge everything
and the list is endless. So on.
the ‘perception management’
is misunderstood and widely misused
and how
there’s a massive difference
between diplomacy and hypocrisy
are people matured enough to understand
and understand enough?
a disease.

but who cares anyways?
it’s the evolvement
not in everyone’s reach, perhaps
they have right to choose
and it’s their choice, ultimately
indeed, a fatal one

there has always been a difference
between who you are and who you intend to be
what you possess and what you want
the extremes of want- what you need
it has seeped in so much
people have started carrying
a strong personality conflict
a complex they want to deal with
a constant fight
between Id, Ego, SuperEgo
it’s Sacrilege!
philosophically, however
an accepted one. usual.
you carry on with your world of dilemmas
in this array of illusions
the strategic defeated manipulations
arrogant proud diplomacy
marathon to follow everyon-ism

distant from this hoax,
I move on.
Get hooked or stay away.

Monday, 7 July 2008

haunted for real

30 minutes
Is all what you are left with,
To breathe your last breath
Ever wondered who all
amongst those zillion
would you crave for
to say helloe?
Felt guilty for
That confession you never did.
Would you think why
You could never tell
How much you missed them?
thought if you could see them
Just for that last time..?
How sorry you are
for not able to make that call.
you promised.
Be vulnerable,
way you wanted to!
just for them?
Told that secret
They begged you to utter
Made that dinner
That is long due
Drove in that red alfa romeo
Just the way you dreamt of
Hid the journals, those pictures
ones you didn't want the world to see
It’s going to be
yet another non-existential world
Should they know
The real you? At least now?

All is fake. an illusion.
This world of unreal
Figment of our imagination
Misfit with its simplicity
Of humongous complications
that hazes your perceptions
And twists the real you
It scares me!
haunts me.

let me be. let me live
Way I would
In those last
thirty minutes.