Thursday, 29 May 2008


it's the monotony of this busy life
and a mere equation
of love n hate.
..she overcomes.

it's the price you pay for being there
and hive on equation less feelings
to win some n to lose rest.
..she knows.

it's simply the passion to be what you are
you earn some n not regret what you don't
the only equation that remains constant
..she believes.

it takes two to tango
n you alone to survive
the only equation.the rest is zilch.
..she trusts.

..she moves on.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Their new songs are stuck in my head.
Like really-really STUCK!!

Saturday, 24 May 2008


the want is so desperate
the desire is so strong
the thoughts are so irrational
the passion is so insane
the feelings are so deep
the mind is so possessed
the words are so meaningless
It sucks!


It was a different league of people the other day.

Designers, photographers, Body Soup, Bartender from Wafi City, Salsa and Capoeira dancers. And some more designers.

Free flowing good conversations, while we all sat around the right most table at ‘Just Around the Corner’ and Zenzi. By the way, JTC (as they say) has amazing spread of salad. I wasn’t disappointed at all with the food and people around. It reminded me of Sweet Chariot CafĂ© in some ways though. Just the crowd, those familiar faces, crazy Koragaon Park was a total miss! Amidst all the conversations, different thoughts took a stoll and my mind raced to a complete different zone. It is amazing how all people in each city have either one or more similar connections. I could just feel nostalgia running, once again.

Delhi is all about chicas and those ‘pretty’ looking guys! Things don’t look ugly till the actual word exchange with the ‘janta’ takes place. The inexpensive food, flooded Sarojini Nagar, Janpath and Lajpat Nagar, the crowd- all of it is simply addictive. The fashion conscious crowd (‘Pseudo’- if I may have to explain) can just strip you right there if ‘they’ think you are not aptly dressed. If you are not jazzily dressed and overloaded with cosmetics at 9 in the morning to buy groceries mon ami; you are NOT appropriate. In seconds you just fall below their so-called high standards. Little do they realize that their own style and traits are just too similar..! Across.
Despite all, those were the best times I ever had. I still miss GK-1, S-335, 20 of us, Hot Breads, Big Chill, IIT and me riding bikes right there at the boys’ hostel, awesome Pulse, event management, Ghungurus (Dublin now), Turquoise Cottage (Where another history was created :)!!), 24*7.

Hyderabad is primarily IT dominant. Be it Firangi Paani or Bottles & Chimneys, you categorize them all as ‘Satyam’ crowd if not the ‘Infy’ one! There are discounts for you almost everywhere, be it a shopping place or an eatery. It’s not surprising how a woman can be loaded with attention if she is even an inch above an average looker! Clubs can actually let 20 of ‘this’ woman’s stag friends enter on a Saturday night, only because she looked a little better! It’s amazing how you would always get this crazy yummy food anywhere across the city. Just drool on. AISECers- Big thanks to you!! I had series of those unlimited unforgettable, forbidden wacko times :)
Closest to my heart and so far the best place i've lived, the precious moments i've always cherished, the worst heart break i ever survived!
Nevertheless, cheers to Hyderabad. To Life there, as it is!

Pune has different niche of people, Pilots and the ones who aspire to be one. Eventually you''ll find them heading to California for their CPL training. Once in a while then you bump into this set of people who associate themselves with Merchant Navy- the second dominant. Iranians however over-rules both these aforesaid segments of people. If you happen to go for one of those Bacardi Blast parties at Kapila, you might just question your whereabout. Pune or Iran? The remaining last segment of people, widely spread, comprises of everyone else who is a student. ‘Apparently’ studying Medicine or Engineering. All said n done, the best part and my favorite – Undoubtedly you can never ever run out of places/people to smoke up with. It’s a different connection altogether. Essential, genuine and strong. Selfless, unsaid, understood one. Six degrees of separation fits in perfect.
I miss Chariot times, Soul and it’s Strange Brew, G2, Dabelis, WNS chai, late nite rides. And Shogun.

Mumbai, if it’s not about Stock exchange or Ambani brothers, it’s so full of Bollywood. If people are not actors or aspiring ones, most of them are connected to this Media and Entertainment world distantly. It's a paradox. Overflowing with people, and yet you stand there; alone.

It’s ironic how most of the Mumbaikars (as they say again) never have stepped out of this city to live anywhere else. Thoug I don’t blame them but I have a different thesis here. For instance, in a second you can learn to appreciate ‘space’ once you end up living in other cities. You automatically realize life aint easy here afterall. In a minute more you learn how people really live their lives in real which do not include only travelling in local trains! In an hour more, you would be in awe of that weather which for a change is not humid. Despite all, in a day perhaps, you would crave to come back to this life, continue sulking about the same traffic jams, the space crunched city, the expenses, the distance, the heat, the hectic life and everything around. You still love it :)

And so my life goes on too.
Right here. N Right at this moment. Because;
Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan!!!

P.S. I really did not mean to give an overdose of comparative analysis. Just my pool of thoughts. As witnessed. From an eye of an immigrant :)

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Friday, 16 May 2008


I smiled all day long.

I don’t assume
Just that you assume that I do

two different worlds
two different times
two different feelings
too personified

Yet i choose to assume than to smile.
All day long.

Nostalgia hush away
Let me smile all day long
One more time
And again

Thursday, 15 May 2008


About forty and more
Mix of both
Weaker ones are core
Their flexibility surprises me
Only because it’s beyond my reach
Just a matter of time
The familiarity would tell the tale.

He is eminent, little did I know
His men are skilled and kind
The smiles indicate more
Though it wouldn’t change any
I am callous towards all
Overdose kills the amusement.

Inspiration was not mine
Effort is.
It's a revolution
That took years of determination
For so little. Yet so strapping
Everything hurts now, and the pain is intolerable
But I feel miraculous
It’s the moment of pride. I did it.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Illusion of reality

The movies we never watched
The songs we never sang
The walks that never happened
The phone that never rang

The dinner that was never made
The pictures you never took
The time I could no longer stop
The promises you never kept

The travel we never did
The moments you never lived
The laughter you never understood
The diplomacy I never liked

It caused pause & tolerance
After all this time, I am done
All I lost, was afterall just you
It's the contradictory truth
To sail smooth, Or just another
An Illusion

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Time lapse-Trail

Time lapse. The last note was almost 3 months back! It never fails to surprise me how I always manage to lose the track of two things- time and people. Rolling stones launch-My 1st time in Hard Rock Cafe was an adrenalin rusher. SRK's launch in Taj Land was the 2nd! Kamshet & native village. Naco Paul.Pictionary.Bunker beds. Series of ordinary and amusing events. Goa fest, an Experience! Array of movies topped with 'boom shankar'.Anthrax & inexplicable funny 'English Topper'. Nitro -the source of those endless stories.The funnier part-they are all true and his real ones.My 3 Projects going live in 3 months. Enquiry sheet touching 80 last week. Realisation-Not a good hit rate though.How I met your mother- New episodes. South Park-Season 11 & 12. Black metal Alchemist-crazy concept. Two and half men-Smooth Charlie. Unlimited new places- Exlploration.Quiet landlady and quiet neighbours at work now. Done away with the filtering and testing waters. Smooth sail.That info-seeking call -finally a satisfied feeling.That one day stay. n it still stays.still.