Monday, 18 February 2008

Mumbai - 1st Cut

Indifferent look. Neutral expressions everywhere and everyone you look at. Organized cars, auto rickshaws, taxis and yet more taxis and more cars. Loud horns. Fast pace of walking. No stares. Some more horns. Carter Road. Phenomenally small and over crowded Joggers park. Madhouse- BC webwise. Incredible Mandhwa. This 11am & 4pm Chai schedule. Unlimited smoking breaks. Mandy & Gaurang jiving in one of the rooms at work. Singing 80s’ songs. Coochoo cooing array of couples on Carter Road. The chai waalas on bicycles. Blabberring Sahil as my neighbour here. Irritating landlady peeping outside her window and calling me each time I step out in the morning. Bullets & Enfields. Bandra (W). Initially getting ripped everywhere. Survival.Interesting work. Creative people around. My messy home. My friends who I have known for quite sometime now before even I moved in here. Spicy version of Paani-Puris.